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Facts, photos, news, pictures about princess diana, princess diana of wales, lady diana spencer. Diana, princess of wales (diana frances; née spencer; 1 july 1961 – 31 august 1997), was a member of the british royal family as the first wife of charles, prince. From her fear of the dark to her eponymous dive, the ‘people’s princess’ revealed little-known details to biographer andrew morton | all about diana.

Ten interesting facts about Diana, Princess of Wales

Ten interesting facts about diana, princess of wales

Stop in the name of love and learn more about former supremes member and successful solo artist diana ross on biography.com.. Charity work of princess diana. throughout her life diana was something of a rebel. her work with victims of aids could in some ways be seen in this regard.. Elizabeth ii: elizabeth ii, queen of the united kingdom from february 6, 1952, the longest-reigning monarch in british history..

Download Diana, Princess of Wales: A Biography by rodirand on DeviantArt

Download diana, princess of wales: a biography by rodirand on deviantart

Diana, princess wales – wikipedia, Diana, princess wales (diana frances; é spencer; 1 july 1961 – 31 august 1997), member british royal family wife charles, prince.

Timeline diana princess wales | biography online, Timeline diana princess wales “ political figure. fact humanitarian figure. .”.

Timeline for Diana Princess of Wales

15 fascinating facts princess diana’ childhood, From fear dark eponymous dive, ‘people’ princess’ revealed – details biographer andrew morton | diana.


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