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Biograhy of princess diana. her early years, marriage to prince charles. charity work, personal relationships. her tragic death and lasting legacy.. Kids learn about the biography of princess diana, famous lady who married prince charles and became part of the english royal family. she raised money for charities. Biography: born into an aristocratic family on july 1, 1961, diana, princess of wales (nee spencer) was a member of the british royal family for 15 years..

Diana, Princess of Wales - Home

Diana, princess of wales – home

Religion. princess diana was an anglican. political views. princess diana was required to be totally non-political, but her work with landmines, aids and her. Princess diana is a larger-than-life figure in so many ways, and her biography contains moments large and small, public and private, royal and routine. Prince harry, the second son of princess diana, is a favorite of the paparazzi because of his escapades as a teenager. learn more at

Timeline of Events - Diana, Princess of Wales

Timeline of events – diana, princess of wales

Biography kids: princess diana – ducksters, Kids learn biography princess diana, famous lady married prince charles part english royal family. raised money charities.
Diana, princess wales – princess diana’ life –, The life princess diana. books princess diana’ life; books people knew princess diana; tributes memorials..
Princess diana archives – weekly, Biography: born aristocratic family july 1, 1961, diana, princess wales (nee spencer) member british royal family 15 years..

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