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White house press secretary sean spicer (melissa mccarthy) and secretary of education nominee betsy devos (kate mckinnon) take questions from the press. Video watch sean spicer’s most memorable moments. sean spicer, the white house press secretary, has had a turbulent tenure, marked by a combative style. Actress melissa mccarthy made an appearance on "saturday night live" to take on the role of white house press secretary sean spicer..

Sean-spicer | Yahoo Style

Sean-spicer | yahoo style

Watch time’s video comparing saturday night live’s impression of sean spicer to the real white house press secretary.. Sean spicer (melissa mccarthy) and jeff sessions (kate mckinnon) take questions from the press (bobby moynihan, mikey day, vanessa bayer, sasheer zamata. Watch sean spicer press conference from saturday night live online at

Sean Spicer and Rebecca Spicer | Yankees Stadium versus Clev ...

Sean spicer and rebecca spicer | yankees stadium versus clev

Sean spicer resigns white house press secretary – , Video watch sean spicer’ memorable moments. sean spicer, white house press secretary, turbulent tenure, marked combative style.

Watch white house briefing: sean spicer press conference, Sean spicer faces press official white house briefing. cbs news live stream cbsn live blog updates ..
Melissa mccarthy channels angry sean spicer – cnn video, Actress melissa mccarthy appearance "saturday night live" role white house press secretary sean spicer..

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