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The embattled press secretary could use the help. veep’s matt walsh, who played spicer’s television counterpart until his character found himself out of a job. "it’s just hard to come up with so many different ways to curse," mike mclintock lamented on sunday’s episode of veep. the character, played by matt walsh, delivered. As usual, seems that white house press secretary sean spicer was the last to know about president donald trump’s sudden firing of fbi director james comey yesterday.

Sean Spicer: 'Our Intention Is Never to Lie to You' (Video)

Sean spicer: ‘our intention is never to lie to you’ (video)

Sean spicer is reaching out to prospective candidates to take over his position as part a plan to shake up the white house communications operation, politico reports. So what does happen when you tie your career to donald trump? in the case of sean spicer it meant getting everything he ever wanted: a dream job at the press. Former white house press secretary sean spicer will likely have his pick of his next job – a hunt that could include ‘dancing with the stars,’ per page six.

'House of Cards' Trolls Sean Spicer After Upside-Down Flag ...

‘house of cards’ trolls sean spicer after upside-down flag

‘veep’ season 6: matt walsh mike, sean spicer, "’ hard ways curse," mike mclintock lamented sunday’ episode veep. character, played matt walsh, delivered.
Sean spicer ‘spent minutes hidden bushes, After spicer spent minutes hidden bushes sets, janet montesi, executive assistant press office, emerged told reporters .
Sean spicer literally hid bushes avoid press, As usual, white house press secretary sean spicer president donald trump’ sudden firing fbi director james comey yesterday.

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