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If you can’t get the image of press secretary sean spicer hiding in standing next to the white house bushes out of your head, that’s okay. lots of people can’t.. Press secretary sean spicer has pretty notorious foot-in-mouth syndrome. recently, he’s gotten some heat for saying hitler never never used chemical. Tuesday evening, faced with delivering the news about james comey’s firing to a throng of reporters waiting on the white house lawn, sean spicer, wound up hiding in.

Cutout of Sean Spicer in the bushes becomes Internet meme ...

Cutout of sean spicer in the bushes becomes internet meme

A facebook user has made sean spicer lawn ornaments you can put in your bushes. (lisa kadonaga/facebook). White house press secretary sean spicer, who once played the role of the white house easter bunny himself, celebrated easter monday by posing with this. Has a delightful clarification on that story about sean spicer hiding in the bushes.

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8 clarifications sean spicer , Press secretary sean spicer pretty notorious foot–mouth syndrome. , ‘ heat hitler chemical.
Press briefing press secretary sean spicer, 7/17/2017, James . brady press briefing room . 2:32 p.. edt. . spicer: ‘ late. good . , sean. . spicer: , ..
Exasperated sean spicer delivers press briefing , Tuesday evening, faced delivering news james comey’ firing throng reporters waiting white house lawn, sean spicer, wound hiding .

Exasperated Sean Spicer Delivers Press Briefing from the Bushes Outside of White House

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