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John oliver tore into president donald trump and press secretary sean spicer on sunday’s episode of last week tonight for spreading a disavowed report. Melissa mccarthy took sean spicer’s advice to cut back on her rampant gum chewing on “saturday night live.”. John oliver to fox news: if defending trump is making you cry, ‘stop f*cking doing it!’.

Video: John Oliver Doesn't Think Sean Spicer Is In Control ...

Video: john oliver doesn’t think sean spicer is in control

As donald trump grumbles past the first 100-days mile marker, john oliver took a moment sunday to focus instead on jared kushner and ivanka trump: two figures who. Jimmy fallon unveiled former white house press secretary sean spicer’s new music video on monday’s tonight show.. The resignation of white house press secretary sean spicer has left us pondering many questions. why did he do it? what does it mean for trump’s press briefings.

Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show Beyonce & Bruno Mars |

Super bowl 50 halftime show beyonce & bruno mars |

Melissa mccarthy returns sean ‘spicy’ spicer snl, Melissa mccarthy sean spicer’ advice cut rampant gum chewing “saturday night live.”.
Sean spicer meltdown trump fired comey, White house press secretary easter bunny sean spicer real tough job . tuesday night, president donald trump fired fbi director.

Sean Spicer had a meltdown after Trump fired Comey

Reporters burst laughter sean spicer insists trump, John oliver fox news: defending trump making cry, ‘stop *cking !’.

Reporters burst into laughter as Sean Spicer insists Trump didn’t misspell ‘covfefe’ tweet

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