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Sean spicer will not be holding his regular press conference at the white house this afternoon, as he has navy reserve duty.. White house press secretary sean spicer was spotted at the pentagon on friday, reporting for duty as a member of the u.s. navy reserve, reports say.. Hillary clinton’s comment that she would have won the election if it were held earlier set up a super bowl li reference from press secretary sean spicer..

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File:us navy 070213-n-3136p-036 air department (v-2

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‘commander’ sean spicer reports duty pentagon, White house press secretary sean spicer spotted pentagon friday, reporting duty member .. navy reserve, reports ..
Why steve bannon fat-shame sean spicer – cosmopolitan, Why steve bannon fat-shame colleague. text sean spicer joke point..
Spicer references patriots super bowl response clinton, Hillary clinton’ comment won election held earlier set super bowl li reference press secretary sean spicer..

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