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Timeline for diana princess of wales “i am not a political figure. the fact is i am a humanitarian figure. i always have been and i always will be.”. A new book claims princess diana made threatening phone calls to her husband’s mistress. Morton penned the 1992 biography diana: her true story that was based on the secret recorded conversations between princess diana and her friend, james colthurst.

Princess Diana Sent Death Threat To Camilla Parker-Bowles, Was An Unfit Mother, Claims Tell-All Book

Princess diana sent death threat to camilla parker-bowles, was an unfit mother, claims tell-all book

Bestselling author sally bedell smith, who has written about the queen and princess diana, tells the tale of prince charles’ life and affairs in her new book, which. Princess diana tv programming, books to mark 20th anniversary of her death. family, friends and fans remember princess diana nearly 20 years after her. The fascinating story behind princess diana’s explosive secret tapes. the princess did everything she could to get her story told..

A very contrary Princess - why did the charming Margaret turn into the most unpopular royal ...

A very contrary princess – why did the charming margaret turn into the most unpopular royal

Furious princess diana threatening calls camilla, A book claims princess diana threatening phone calls husband’ mistress.

Furious Princess Diana Made Threatening Calls to Camilla, New Book Claims
Princess diana threatened camilla parker bowles, A paranoid princess diana claimed “ kill ” late night phone calls camilla parker bowles, biography .
Princess diana biographer claims special , Morton penned 1992 biography diana: true story based secret recorded conversations princess diana friend, james colthurst.

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