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Diana, princess of wales (diana frances; née spencer; 1 july 1961 – 31 august 1997), was a member of the british royal family as the first wife of charles, prince. Find out more about the history of princess diana’s death, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, lady diana spencer: from teacher to princess. Not all great british tiaras are from the queen’s jewelry vault. one of princess diana‘s most famous toppers – the spencer tiara – actually belongs.

Princess Diana 20 Years Later: Photos From Youth to Marriage | Time.com

Princess diana 20 years later: photos from youth to marriage | time.com

Lady diana frances spencer was also known as lady diana and lady di. she lived from july 1, 1961 to august 31, 1997. her proper title during marriage was diana.

Diana's brother Lord Charle Spencer speaks out 20 years after Princess's Paris car crash | Daily ...

Diana’s brother lord charle spencer speaks out 20 years after princess’s paris car crash | daily

Princess diana’ death – facts & summary – history., Find history princess diana’ death, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, lady diana spencer: teacher princess.

Princess diana biography – biography., Princess diana, princess wales, history & culture; crime princess diana lady diana spencer father inherited title earl spencer.

Princess diana’ spencer tiara: history – people., Not great british tiaras queen’ jewelry vault. princess diana‘ famous toppers – spencer tiara – belongs.


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